Baron Colburn And The Cursed Estate

The Marshall Sisters are in love with adventure. For as far back as they can remember there has been a tradition among them. When October comes around and the leaves begin to change they walk over to explore an old estate near their father’s farm. Everyone in town knows of the horrible things that happened there. The stories all say that the spirits never left.

This year, the sisters have plans to sneak away during the big, harvest celebration. But Miss Lilith has other ideas. She finds herself quite charmed after dancing with Lord Colburn and can’t bring herself to abandon him there. However, when her sisters return from the cursed estate with frightful stories of the trip, Lilith can’t resist going to see things for herself.

To her surprise, Lord Colburn does not disapprove of a woman going on such a bold adventure. He even wants to join them. But getting everyone to the cursed estate may turn out to be the least of their worries. Once there, can they make it out alive? And can she make him as enchanted by her in the process?











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