The Earl Of Scandal


Is the love of your life worth risking everything for?

The most important thing in Emily’s life was her passion for writing stories and painting the beauty around her. She could spend hours in the garden, devoted to her art.

But her parents had other ideas about what her priorities should be. At nearly twenty years old, it’s crucial that she begin planning for her future by finding a suitable gentleman to marry. If Emily was not concerned about it, her parents would be concerned enough for them all. They would find her a wealthy man and rush them into an engagement, even if it is entirely the wrong match. Anything to make their youngest daughter secure.

After the engagement, Emily tries to make the relationship work, but it gets difficult when a dashing gentleman saves her life one day. She cannot get him out of her mind. When they meet again, by chance, she no longer wants to try to fight it.

Emily has to decide between what her parents want for her and what she needs to make herself happy. She has to choose between her fiance and her obsession, while trying to avoid a scandal, or even worse, losing it all.











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