The Earl, The Pirate, & The Lady


What if you realized that the man you married may have a past darker than you could have ever imagined?

Lady Claire Faraday is a woman of high title, but very little money. Over the years, her family fortune has slowly bled out, courtesy of her brother’s gambling habit.

Rhys Haversham is an attractive man, but his accent is coarse and his manner, rough. He has earned a great deal of money through questionable means. No one truly knows where he acquired the sudden sum, but in order to raise his social status, he must marry a woman with a title to go with his new wealth.

The two become an unlikely couple, meeting each other’s needs, while trying to move past their differences and build a life together.

But other forces are at work. There are rumors making their way through the ton that Claire’s new husband is a criminal who has made his fortune via piracy. Men are determined to prove the charges and have him imprisoned or worse.

Claire must decide if she can really trust the man she married, or if their life together is built upon lies. And how far she is willing to go with him, either way.


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