The Runaway Duke

What if you had to choose between your family and the man you love?

Amelia Grant is content with life on her father’s farm. Most of her days are spent helping her mother take care of the house and all the children. She has little time to think of marriage prospects or what the future may hold. That all changes when she is accidentally run off the road by the dashing heir to a dukedom, and an unlikely romance develops.

But the courtship is short lived. Amelia’s family is struck by one tragedy after another, sending her into a tailspin of distress and forcing her to give up on pursuing the new relationship.

Months later, as she is trying to rebuild what is left of her life, Amelia reconnects with her former suitor, only to find that he may be leaving everything behind. Including her. If she cannot convince him to stay, she will have to decide what is more important, her duty to her family or a life she would not even be able to imagine before they met.











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