The Wrong Earl For Christmas

Elizabeth Harris has a Christmas Eve celebration to plan at her family home. It is the first time she has ever been tasked with the organization of their large, annual gathering. She has to worry about creating a festive decor, having enough refreshments for the guests, and of course, her mother’s insufferable fixation on seeing her only daughter married.

In fact, Mrs. Harris already has plans of her own. Elizabeth is told that a suitable husband has already been chosen for her. It is an earl from another town who she has never met before. She is to be introduced to the man at the Christmas Eve party! True to form, her mother is being secretive about any other details. As if all the holiday planning were not stressful enough, now Elizabeth has to worry about this too.

Her only hope is that her childhood friend, Lord Bainford, can somehow find this man so she has some idea of what she is dealing with.

The days before Christmas are counting down quickly. Even if he can locate this mysterious suitor, will Elizabeth like the answers she receives? Or will the wrong earl destroy the Christmas Eve party that she has worked so hard to create?

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